Renaissance at Regency Residence

Facts and Figures
Area: 12,000 Gross Square Feet
Project Cost:Undisclosed at Client’s Request
Architect:Ryan Lockett
Structural Engineer:Tyndall
Surveyor:Buddy Plante
Landscape Architect:Newcomb
The Story

A physician and his new family decided to build their first home together, blending a mix of Mediterranean and traditional styles into a warm and inviting home.

Key Challenges

The husband worked 60+ hours per week and is a top rated surgeon in the county.  Managing times to meet around surgery cases was difficult, and required a lot of flexible night and weekend hours to work through selections.  Another was importing the marble from overseas so that the marble columns matched the marble floors on the first floor.

The solid marble outdoor columns weighed over 3,000 pounds each, and Mangum had to set four of them along the portico.  

The indoor solid marble columns weighed 800 pounds each, and special engineering had to be done to support the weight.  


The project represented the first time Mangum had directly imported marble for a project.  The homeowner was willing to be patient and understanding, as Mangum had to develop a system of erecting the columns without damaging the marble floor or the columns themselves.  

The hand carved marble fireplace in the living room and master bedroom turned out very well.