Door Store of America chooses Mangum Design-Build for their new marketing campaign. 


            The Door Store of America has chosen Mangum Design-Build’s latest custom home in The Preserve, as their front cover photograph to market their new line of imported wrought iron doors.  “Mr. Mangum’s sense of style and panache for period architecture makes his company perfect to represent the essence of the wrought iron door.  Solid.  Timeless.  Elegant.  It fits well with (Mr. Mangum’s) clients and his homes.  And he’s a trend setter.  Other builders buy what he uses”, says Brandon Bolick, sales manager for the Raleigh branch, located on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh.  For more information on wrought iron doors, see the company’s website:  www.doorstoreusa.com, or call 919.781.3200.