Creating mixed-use developments is complex given the layering of compatible uses and the stricter funding requirements these projects mingle with. Mixed-Use projects generally require public amenities nearby and easy access to transit, preferably public transit.  

Mangum is an advocate and proponent of prefabricated components and Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). We champion this method because the quality is generally higher given that most of the interior work is completed in a factory under controlled environmental conditions. These methods also produce savings in manpower and overall time, in addition to enhanced worker safety.

Our Clients and Partners benefit the pre-existing relationships we already have with these factories. As a side benefit, we are able to source different types of interior finishes not available with domestic suppliers.


  • Greater Housing Variety and Density
  • Standardized Construction means higher quality and overall better construction techniques
  • “Municipality Friendly”, meaning this type of development is generally favored over other types of residential projects.
  • Concentrates housing among shared amenities; reduces distances between housing, retail, and office space.
  • Pedestrian and Bike Friendly
  • PPVC generally reduces jobsite waste by 80%. (Yes, you read this correctly).
  • PPVC is 30-40% lighter than traditional construction
  • Faster Construction Times On Site
  • Fewer rain delays
  • Typically there is a 50% productivity improvement in manpower because workers are working in a factory controlled environment
  • There are additional shipping expenses, but are otherwise offset by savings in manpower.