Duke Forest Residence

Facts and Figures
Area: 7,500 Gross Square Feet
Project Cost:Undisclosed
Architect:Ryan Lockett
Structural Engineer:Tyndall
Surveyor:Withers and Ravenel
Landscape Architect:Staats Design Studio
The Story

International Residents were looking for an architect and general contractor that could mix a rustic Texas exterior with a contemporary interior.

Key Challenges

It can be tricky to mix seemingly opposing architectural ideas that create a seamless confluence of beauty and enduring quality. The clients had been working with an architect based out of Texas and wanted to adapt the architecture to accept exterior concrete walls, to which Mangum had a lot of experience using. To adapt the structure, the clients used Ryan Lockett, an architect that had done previous projects using concrete masonry walls. The client and Mangum worked closely together on the interior design, with the client supplying the bulk of ideas and upfit options.


Mangum and the Client were able to blend old and new into one cohesive architectural statement that is rarely executed well. Some of the blending had to be done inside and out with white limestone and knotty alder. The Client was so involved and well prepared and they even taught Mangum a thing or two about certain finishes and how to best use them. What was built is an excellent example of how to mix architectural styles seen so often in Europe, where the exterior structure is old, aged, and timeless, but the interior is modern and a departure from the days of old.