Contemporary homes

There is a Delicate Art to designing and building Contemporary Homes.  It’s often times misrepresented by architects taking a traditional home and adding modern elements to the exterior or interior, rendering it a home with essentially two souls.  We err on the side of caution and think that the misrepresentation comes from a misunderstanding with the fundamental goals of modern architecture:


  • Eroding the division between indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Designing for simplicity- your life is hectic enough outside the home.  Modern Homes are supposed to engender peace and tranquility through that simplicity.  At its essence, we seek to remove distraction and business where it’s not needed.
  • An emphasis on texture and natural materials
  • A sincere commitment to environmentally sustainable design and build practices

Remember the basic function of the earliest, most primitive architectural paradigm:  protection from the outside, be it the weather, pirates, or bears. Contemporary Architecture moves the paradigm away from keeping things out and toward letting things in.  It’s blurring the lines between indoors and outdoor and seeking a balance with the environment around us.