We love our house!
Perricone Residence, Preserve at Jordan Lake, Chapel Hill NC

Kevin is a great builder. We really enjoy living in our new home. Sometimes we see people slowing down in the neighborhood to take pictures.
Venuti Residence, Preserve at Jordan Lake, Chapel Hill NC

“I’ve been working with Kevin for the past decade and am proud of my association with such a man of integrity, honesty, and commitment. Kevin has gone above and beyond the call of his trade in order to build the most perfect home for his clients. I would highly recommend Kevin to friends, family, and clients.”
Ginger Lynn, Realtor, Allen Tate and Co.

“We’ve contracted with Mangum Design-Build to build our home in the Estates. We wanted to convey our experiences with Kevin and Dean. We have had a very positive experience thus far. Kevin and Dean are very trustworthy and are always available when a problem arises. We have this sense that they’re trying to manage our budget and steward our resources, at times advising against spending more for additional features in our home. When the home is finished, he is welcome to take clients through to see our home. We would recommend Kevin to other people who are interested in building a home.”
Mathur Residence, Renaissance at Regency Park, Cary NC

We’ve come down to the final days before move-in, and I can say that the pickle tastes good.  (Referring to the Wendy’s way, where the last bite of the burger should taste just as good as the first)
Sidhu Residence, Carramore, Durham NC

We had a great Christmas in our new house.  We’re really proud of it and impressed by the quality that went into it.  I wanted to pass along an experience actually.  When it snowed for a while a week or two ago, Corey and I were watching it from the dining room windows.  It was beautiful but what we noticed is how well the windows kept the cold out.  We couldn’t tell that it was cold outside unless we actually touched the window.  I had been pretty worried that it was going to be tough to keep the family room warm because of the open space and the high ceiling but that hasn’t been an issue at all.  You guys did a a really nice job making the house comfortable.  Thanks!
Wilson Waters Residence, Governors Club, Chapel Hill NC
We had a great experience building with Mangum Design Build. We were looking to build our retirement home, had a budget, but did not want to settle for spec. As an ex-Army family, we had lived in 21 different places and had some ideas of what we liked and didn’t. We found Kevin and his company by way of reference from a respected realtor in the area who told us if she were to ever build again, she would go with Mangum.

We reached out to him and were immediately impressed. Kevin helped us find an architect who was able to take our ideas and create a plan. During the design phase Kevin, the architect, and we met often to solidify our plan. During this phase we visited some of Mangum’s construction projects where we were able to refine our ideas and improve upon them. During this entire phase, Kevin provided us alternatives that allowed us to customize our house while maintaining our budget. As we worked closely with him, our confidence in Kevin grew. It was especially important to be comfortable with our builder because we were living out of state at the time.  The result was a customized plan, with many upgrades where they mattered, and a clear vision of the finished product.

During construction, he kept us constantly informed and made us a part of all decisions. For the most part we’d do that via email, photos, video etc. with periodic visits to the site for major milestones (foundation siting, initial framing, outlet placements etc.). Even though we weren’t always there, we felt in control of the build. It was during construction we made some minor changes that have become the showpieces of our home. We curved the driveway, providing some character; we changed the Mancave from a flat ceiling to a barrel ceiling, providing just the right look and feel; we made minor changes to the kitchen cabinet placements improving overall efficiency, etc. These changes, made with minimal or no cost, were all recommended by Kevin as a way to personalize our dream.

Maintaining budget was critical and we could not have selected another builder who better shared the importance we placed in building a quality home for a fair price. We received a very detailed estimate at the beginning of the process broken down by activity and materials.  Throughout the build, we knew exactly what was completed, what it cost, what was yet to be done, and how close we were to estimate. This constant dialogue on progress made, costs incurred, possible enhancements and money-saving opportunities produced a quality, and what we consider, showcase home that came in beyond our expectations and below our budget. We are now in our home over 2 years and are still as happy with the house as we were on Day 1. The quality and craftsmanship are evident and we are proud to show off its many features to friends and family.

We recommend Mangum Design Build to anyone looking for an affordable, quality, custom home – a home that will be built with your participation in every step of the process.

Woloski Residence, Wake Forest, NC

2009 Has been a BIG year for us.  Thanks for being a quality builder, but more importantly, a quality person.  We love our home!

Olson Residence, Durham, NC

We had our first family get together in our new home.  30 people in all.  They loved it.

Morgan Residence, Hickory Downs, Siler City, NC

“We chose Kevin to build our house based on viewing some other completed houses he had built in our neighborhood and we were not disappointed.  We found him to be extremely ethical and professional.  Mangum built within the time frame we wanted and within the budget agreed upon.  We found him to be more than a builder as he went the extra step to help us with our unique issues.  He even picked my wife up at the airport.  We came through the building process very pleased and consider Kevin not just our builder, but our friend.  If we built another house in the area, we would without hesitation ask Kevin to build it for us.”

Horton Residence, Preserve at Jordan Lake, Chapel Hill NC

“The house is still a dream to live in, and we haven’t had any problems.  The house is so nice that I actually hate travelling now and having to stay in hotels.  Nothing beats Val’s Taj-ma closet and her Taj-ma bathroom.  Give us a call if you’re back down our way.  We’d love to see you!”

Herren Residence, Sanford NC (Writing in 2012 about their home built in 2007)


“We contracted with Mangum Design-Build, Inc. to build a custom home in the Renaissance at Regency subdivision in Cary North Carolina. The builder and his staff have been very professional and great to work with during the whole process. I must say that the house that Mangum Design-Build, Inc. built for us has
exceeded our expectations. The quality of materials and craftsmanship are outstanding. It has meant a lot to us that Kevin Mangum, the builder, was personally involved in the construction of the house. Kevin has demonstrated during the whole process that his philosophy is quality first. I believe that this philosophy transcends throughout his company and therefore also sets a high level of standards for the subcontractors that work for him. It has also been a pleasure getting to know Kevin Mangum and his staff. They have always been very helpful and easy to communicate with. Whenever we had questions or concerns they were prompt in responding and taking the necessary time to work with us until we were fully satisfied.”

Rabon Residence, Renaissance at Regency Park, Cary NC