When you do business in the United States, sometimes it is difficult to understand what Americans say. We often use exaggerated language to articulate ideas, and sometimes it does not translate well into your language. Mangum will use simple language to explain sometimes complex ideas so that you can understand and appreciate what we are saying. We are also good listeners and will be patient with understanding what you are trying to say.


Mangum is also very respectful of your culture. We are flexible, and will adapt to your needs and requirements. If you require Feng Sui design in your home or office in the United States we can assist you. Whatever your need, what is important to you will be important to us.

Mangum 也非常尊重您的文化。我们是灵活变通的,我们可以根据客户的要求进行一些调整。 如果您想在美国的家里或者办公室考虑风水方面的设计,我们也会满足您。您的需要对我们来说就是最重要的。

You will also discover that Mangum builds homes out of concrete rather than wood. Concrete homes are stronger and last longer than wood homes. The concrete home is also more energy efficient than wood homes. You are investing a lot of money in a home, and you should look at it as an investment.

您也会发现Mangum 建筑的房子是用混泥土做的,不是木头的,这样的房子会更结实耐用。混泥土的房子也比木头房子更节能。 您花很多钱在房子上,所以房子应该是被看成是一种投资的。

If you are interested in building an office building with Mangum, we use innovative and intelligent methods to lower building costs and increase the return on your investment. Very often, Mangum will invest their own time and money in these office buildings as an investment partner. As a partner, we treat the building as an investment of our own, so we will build the building in a way that it costs less to maintain and easier to find tenants to rent the rest of the building.

如果您想建一个办公楼,我们可以帮到您。 我们将会用比较先进的技术和非常好的办法来降低建筑成本,提高您的投资回报。Mangum会作为一个投资伙伴花很多时间和金钱在办公室建筑上。作为合作伙伴,我们会像对待我们自己的投资一样,所以我们会尽量帮客户节省成本,但是又很容易找到租客把剩下的房屋出租出去。

Mangum travels to Xiamen and Shanghai often to import building materials for use in homes and office buildings. If you desire to use marble or stone in your home or office, we can import this directly from China.

Mangum 去过厦门和上海,从那些地方进口建筑材料用在房屋和办公楼建筑上,如果您要求您的房子或者办公楼要求用大理石或者花岗岩材料,我们都可以直接从中国进口。

Our pricing is transparent, and we will be patient and show you many options that are best for you.