Chapel Hill Residence

Facts and Figures
Area: 7,500 Gross Square Feet
Project Cost:Undisclosed
Architect:Ryan Lockett
Structural Engineer:Tyndall
Surveyor:Withers and Ravenel
Landscape Architect:Staats Design Studio
The Story

A younger couple wanted a French Country home with an internal motorcourt.  Easy enough…

Key Challenges

The lot sloped 80’ from front to back.  We essentially had to carve a flat spot into a hillside in order to fit the property.  Fortunately, what followed was a house plan that was designed around the best features of the lot; the view.  We also didn’t have much of a staging area for materials, so there were key logistical challenges solved by a Bobcat and a set of pallet forks to move materials around as we needed more space.  

We were also building on a hillside out of concrete, with curved concrete walls.  In the end, the house turned out very well.


We successfully morphed a hillside into a livable and comfortable residence for our clients.  Years later, the house looks great perched on the top of the lot. We’re very proud to have designed and built that home.